Street-Smart Dogs is in the Denver Metro Area Now

Who I Am

My name is Shane Crawford and I started Street-Smart Dogs to help people better communicate with their canine companions. I do not believe bad dogs exist; only bad dog owners. If you provide a dog all their basic needs, they will love you to the end of the earth. I want all dog owners to experience that joy.

What I can do for you

If you love your dog but have limited time to focus on their physical fitness, that's alright. Street-Smart Dogs in Denver are walked and trained simultaneously to encourage the best behavior when out in public. Stimulating your dog mentally is just as important as regular exercise. We provide premium dog training in Denver.

What to expect

I will work with your dog to establish a great bond and truly personalize our time together. Most dog walkers work with many dogs for a short time period. I look to give individualized attention and truly meet your Street-Smart Dog's needs.